Is the at fault drivers insurance responsible for securing a rental car?

Is the at fault drivers insurance responsible for securing a rental car?Insurance Claims and Rental Cars “No”, The insurer is not responsible for securing you a rental car, albeit they may owe you compensation for the costs. Some may assist you in making arrangements or locating a a rental car agency for you as a courtesy.

The Rental car company makes its own policies as to whom they will rent a vehicle and whom they will not. The insured can not compel a rental car company to provide you a rental vehicle. You will have to qualify for the rental car yourself.

The at fault party insurer can be required to “Reimburse” you for certain expenses incurred due to a loss of use of your vehicle, but “NO”, they don’t have to rent a car for you. It may, however, do so as a matter of good business and to engender good will.

The question also calls into play the elements of damages to which you may be entitled as a victim of someone else’s negligence. If your car was rendered bruised so as to have lost the use of it (either permanently or while undergoing repair), “loss of use” damages are part of your recoverable damages. That is, you ordinarily have a claim against the adverse party not just for the repair cost of your car, but also for the loss of use of it. In many states, that element of damages is recoverable whether or not you actually rent a makeshift substitute vehicle.

If your car was rendered a “total loss” as a result of a collision that was not your fault, you are likewise entitled to “loss of use” damages, and they can be measured by the reasonable cost to rent a like kind and quality aitomobile. However, in the case of a total loss, your right to loss of use damages (for example, a rental vehicle) may terminate when the adverse party, or his/her insurer pays you the actual cash value of your car (because you are thereby deemed to have been made entire).

What happens if you have no auto insurance and no drivers license and you where in car accident but it was not your fault?

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Sorry to say, Eva, but an uninsured car is not supposed to be on the public streets and a person with no license is not supposed to be driving a car. Since you contributed to the accident by violating these laws, you are at least partially at fault. The other driver’s insurance company is going to deny any claim you submit..

If a passenger in the backseat unseatbelted is injured and the driver of the car is at fault what liability does the driver’s insurance have?

When taking a one day “Driver’s class” in a classroom setting, to get a speeding ticket off my record in California, the instructor told the class to read the “fine print” on your policy, because many insurance companies elect to not cover you for injury in an accident, if someone is not seatbelted. This is most likely why in the Emergency Room, they always ask you numerous times, by different people, at different times, “Do you recall if your seatbelt(s) was(were) on?”. It is best to make sure you ask when shopping for insurance the question in advance, or better yet, this is why the instructor said it gives you utter cause to ask everyone in the car to fasten up, before you will drive them anywhere. Otherwise, you are entitled to ask anyone who won’t who will put you at risk, and everyone else in the car, to not share in the rail. (At this point, everyone will be belted in!)

If you are in an accident and the other driver says you were at fault does this mean your car will not be repaired by your or their insurance?

No, if you have the right coverage (collision) your company will still pay for your car.

Does the at-fault driver with total coverage insurance pay for the other car?

%DETAILS% NoThe person who is at-fault is responsible for your damages. His insurance will pay for everything. Tow, rental, damages.

What should you do if your parked car was hit by a driver insured with no fault and you have no insurance?

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I know someone presently in that situation. If the insured person is at fault (states so on police report) you should do your best to obtain a police report and get his insurance information. You or your attorney should contact his insurance company to file a claim. This is the stage my friend is at. I will let you know how it turns out. In her situation she was able to obtain an arrest report as it was the hit and run of a parked car by a tipsy driver. The driver was arrested that evening and several other cars on the block were bruised.

What happens to your drivers license when you are at fault in an auto accident and you do not have car insurance?

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dl suspension for one year and your going to need an sr22 for Trio yrs.. its not good.
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You most likely will be arrested and if you are incapable to pay the costs in total to the victim(s) you may be looking at some deep jail time, your driver license can actually be suspended for anywhere from 1- to TEN years depending on what state you live in but if the damages aren’t paid, leave behind about ever witnessing your picture on a license again..

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By the way, the 3-7 period a SR-22 is required starts when you are released from jail and your license is reinstated, not the day of the accident..

If you have PLPD and your car is totaled in an accident that is not your fault will the other drivers insurance cover your damages?

I have PLPD insurance and was in an accident that was the other driver’s fault. The lady’s insurance paid for the damages, around $3000 which was the blue book retail value of the car, and they paid for a rental car for a brief period. Since I had PLPD insurance, I had to pay for extra insurance on my rental vehicle, $12 a day extra, that their insurance would not cover and came out of my own pocket.

Will the insurance of the at fault driver be liable if your car was hit while it was stolen?

This is interesting, are you telling while your vehicle was stolen the thief got into an accident that was not his fault? That’s unusual, the thief is generally driving so irratically and clearly at fault, but in this case, (never had a claim like this), I’m indeed not sure, the argument could be made that the vehicle was being used in a felony therefore no recovery, however if the other person were negligent do they still not owe for their negligence? I know if a buzzed driver (let’s say), is at a stop sign, and is rearended, his ‘drunkeness’ didn’t contribute to the accident, and he will (generally subject to the policy wording and any state laws), be compensated for his loss by the vehicle that rearended him. File it with yours and the ‘at fault’ drivers policys. I would be interested to hear how that is treated if you would let me know.

If you have uninsured motorist insurance are in an accident and its you fault other driver has no insurance or drivers license can you get your car motionless if you only have liability insurance?

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As a broker, I can tell you NO, there is no coverage if you are at fault. Now if you are only partially at fault, example, 50%, and it’s proven, there may be coverage under your carrier. I’m in Canada where things are a bit different but it wouldn’t hurt you to attempt right?

Is the driver at fault insurance company responsible to fix your car at a figure shop of your choice using only OEM parts?

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You will have to check your state law on this. If it is a no-fault state. Then your insurance will repair your vehicle and then bill the other driver’s company. I am not sure of the procedure in a “fault” state. You could attempt contacting your insurance agent or any auto insurance agent in your state.

In Florida can the insurance company of the at fault driver be required to pay for rental car and medical bills?

yes, in all states if the insurance company has accepted total liability for the accident then they will also (under the ‘at fault’ party’s liability coverages), provide a rental car to you, while yours is being repaired, and will owe for all medical expenses and an injury settlement (once you have finished treatment), that areaccident related …..most times NO payment at all will be made on the injury until all treatment is ended and you are ready to lodge…the property harm claim (fixing your car and rental) are two separate claims, and are treated as such, and cannot in anyway be combined….in other words they will go ahead and fix car etc….pay for that…and injury claim treated when ready…be sure and a) ask for a rental instantaneously, and b) advise them you are injured…..

If someone with insurance is found at fault when they hit an uninsured driver does the at fault drivers insurance still pay for harm to the uninsured car?

Yes, you are responsible regardless whether the other party has insurance or not. .
You should recover compensation, but in the UK driving without motor insurance is a criminal offence so you could be prosecuted by the authorities. Also – the mechanics of the collision are significant. For example – drivers without insurance fairly often have no driving licence: if the accident was contributed in part by inexperience of the person with no licence compensation could amounts could be diminished by a percentage. See the related link entitled “car driver injury claims” to see when car drivers can recover compensation.

Is the at fault drivers insurance responsible for securing a rental car?

If your parked car was hit and the at-fault driver was found what options are available if both parties are insured but the at-fault driver has a permit and was driving alone?

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you could sue to get ythe money to pay for your carand anything else that might have been ruined you would most likely win because he was driving illegaly also if he didnt stay at the scene of the accident it is a hit and run he also might have his license suspended

If an uninsured driver wrecks the car of an insured driver is the uninsured driver still responsible?

If the accident was caused by the uninsured driver than the uninsured driver is undoubtedly still responsible.

Are you responsible for paying your car rental if you were not at fault and the insurance fails to reach a timely agreement with the bod shop?

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If you have rental insurance with your company they should pay it However if it wasn’t your fault and you know who was The other parties insurance should be paying for your rental car while yours is being stationary Sometimes its lighter for your own coverage to pay very first then they collect back from the responsible party Your rental coverage has boundaries tho’ on how much they pay Find out from your adjuster what they are

If an insured driver driving an uninsured car hits another car is his insurance responsible?

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Most likely. Maybe. Maybe Not. Better ask your agent. If the uninsured car does not belong to the driver and he does not have regular use of it, most policies will cover the accident. Also if he just (within the past duo of days) purchased the car, he should be OK. If the driver possesses the vehicle or uses it on a regular basis, the company will very likely pay and terminate his coverage..
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Most likely. Maybe. Maybe Not. Better ask your agent. If the uninsured car does not belong to the driver and he does not have regular use of it, most policies will cover the accident. Also if he just (within the past duo of days) purchased the car, he should be OK. If the driver wields the vehicle or uses it on a regular basis, the company will most likely pay and terminate his coverage.

If the at-fault driver has total coverage who pays for a rental car?

In Texas, The At Fault Driver’s Liability portion of their policy will pay for rental car usage at a maximum of 20 dollars per day for up to 30 days or until the such time as the Insurance company has made a reasonable suggest to lodge, whichever comes very first. This rule will vary by state. If the at-fault driver goes under their own policy to get repairs, they would have to have bought rental coverage to get a rental set up.

When you are not at fault for an accident does the insurance company owe for collision insurance that I buy on the rental car?

“No” , not in most cases. I am assuming for the sake of answering your question that the facts are similar to this; you were in an accident you were not at fault the other company has accepted liablity for the loss, and put you in a rental while your vehicle is being repaired you only had liablity coverage on your vehicle (the one in the shop). But of course need collision and comprehensive on the rental you are now using. They do not owe to pay for this coverage for you (subject to any state laws to the contrary, you could call your states dept of ins. for that reaction, but I know of no states that require this). The presumption is, you didn’t think it was necessary to cover your own vehicle for coll and comp so why would they pay for it on the rental? I know your vehicle was older, this one is fresh, etc. I totally understand, but I have seenvery fewof these where the ‘at fault’ company will provide this coverage, you can of course buy/pay for a harm waiver for this rental with the rental car company, or contact your agent, and ask if there is anything they can do about a ‘brief term’ collision and comp coverage for this rental (but again I doubt this too)…..sorry, If I can be of any further assistance please let me know more details and I will do my best to help.

If you pay for the insurance or harm waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how?

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Yes, I am going on the following assumptions to response your question;.
You rented a vehicle and took out the harm waiver, (did you have insurance on another vehicle? If so that switches a few things) had an accident in this rental vehicle thatWAS NOT YOUR FAULT AT ALL ..
You (or the rental company) could file with the ‘at fault’ party. Some rental car companies will chose to use their own carrier for speed, so they can get that vehicle back on the road. In that example, (and evidently that is what happened) once the final payments have been made, their insurance company should file a subrogation claim against the at fault carrier, and recoup all money paid in the claim including the deductible you paid. And in turn will comeback that to you. If the other party is not insured there will still be a subrogation claim, but this generally takes a lot longer..
Let me caution you tho’, this is under the assumption thata) there was absolutely no negligence attributed to youb) the ‘at fault’ driver had insurance. c) no dispute inbetween the carriers as to liablity..
You should be kept abreast of the investigation, and subrogation claim, if you have not been contact the insurance company that is treating the claim, if you do not have their information, call the rental car company and get it from them..
If you would like to provide me with extra details surrounding the facts of loss etc, perhaps I could be of greater assistance to you, and would gladly attempt…. Good luck !!

In Fresh Jersey a rental vehicle driven by an unauthorized driver had an accident which was his fault. The passenger was injured. Whose insurance carrier should be responsible – driver renter or Hertz?

The person who rented the car is responsible because they allowedthe unauthorized driver to drive the car. Hertz would not be at allresponsible.

Is a driver covered for rental cars if they have total coverage insurance?

It depends on the exact insurance you have. To be sure just ring up your insurer give them your policy number , tell them what you want to do and ask them to confirm you are covered for it. Utter coverage usually just means having liability, comprehensive, and collision coverages. Rental is something you pay extra to have.

If a non-owner of a vehicle has a wreck and harm to the car hit is paid by the possessor but there is no collision insurance on the vehicle at fault can the drivers insurance be responsible in Tennesse?

No, The vehicle possessor chose to accept the risk associated with not having collision coverage. You can not use someone elses policy to cover the owners collision loss.

If you are driving without insurance and are involved in an accident that is not your fault who is responsible for damages to your car What legal consequences are involved for the uninsured driver?

Very first of all you are truly fortunate that this accident was not your fault. The person who was at fault is responsible for your vehicle damages. If he is insured, then it is his insurance company that is responsible. ** Depending on your states laws, you can liberate your drivers license for up to a year for not having insurance and being involved in an accident. If you received a citation at the scene of the accident for no insurance, you need to pay for that also.

Is a driver with no insurance at fault in an accident?

He may be at fault for not having insurance. He may or may not be at fault for the accident. Whether or not a driver carries insurance is a separate issue than the one concerning who is at fault in an accident. Do not confuse them or let them overlap. A good, objective assessor won’t.

I live in Texas and was rear ended by another driver who’s insurance company accepted responsibility They paid for a rental car On the way home a rock broke the windshield Whose insurance pays?

The rental car is a makeshift use automobile and harm would be considered your responsibility. So either you or your insurance carrier would be on the hook for the glass harm..
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Is the at fault drivers insurance responsible for securing a rental car?

What happens if the driver at fault hits a car and the driver at fault has no insurance will the car that hits you have to pay for your car?

If you have comprehensive insurance, your policy will cover the damages (less a deductable). In this case, your insurance company will sue the at fault driver..
You can also sue the at fault driver for damages (if you do not have comprehensive).

No rental insurance harm to rental car?

Renters wanting such coverage should check with their existing car insurance as their existing insurer may be able to add it to their regular yearly policy for a puny premium. This provides coverage from an insurance company that they know, instead of unregulated (from insurance standpoint) car-rental clothing, which suggesting you may understand less.

Your son who has a car and his own car insurance used your car for the weekend he was in a accident the fault so far lies with the other driver whose insurance is responsible for the damages to your c?

The driver at fault is always responsible for damages incurred during an accident. The at fault insurance company is responsible for damages to your car.

What happens if you have no insurance on a rental car and a signed driver gets into an accident who is responsible for the other cars damages?

It depends on the state the accident occurred in. In California the renter is responsible. Again this varies by the state of the accident.

What insurance should you get for a rental car if you have a valid drivers license but do not own a car and therefore have no car insurance?

Rental companies suggest CDW (Collison Harm Waiver), Liability and PAI (Private Accident Insurance)..

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Most of the major credit cards will automatically cover you for CDW (protection against theft and harm to the car) when you use that card for renting a car (check with your credit card company however).
Liability is essential in your screenplay as you don’t have any other car insurance (this would protect you if in case of accident in which you are at fault and this fully covers expenses for the affected party you crashed with).
PAI could be handy if you dont have a decent medical insurance. If you have a medical insurance with good coverage, this is not not needed..
Bottomline is go for CDW and Liability if your credit card does not cover CDW or go for Liability Insurance alone (which would be inbetween 9 and 14 $ a day in USA)

What if you are in a car wreck with no insurance and the other driver is at fault?

Doesn’t matter at all. You are required to have insurance and the fact that the other driver may be responsible does not protect you at all.

What happens if you have auto insurance but no drivers licnese and you get into an accident that is not your fault will the person at fault insurance still take care of the damages to your car?

You get a ticket and your insurance goes up. You can not drive without a license and if you cost the insurance company money they raise your premiums especially if you get a ticket

Someone hit you an Neither I or other driver has insurance on our car who is at fault?

Who is at fault has to do with the accident itself not the insurance coverage. A police report of the accident and looking at the proximate cause of the accident help determine fault. .

If you are in an accident where other driver is at fault and their insurance is covering car rental what can you do if insurance stops paying for car rental but car is still in shop being repaired?

Ask the insurance company why they are no longer paying the rental bill. If they have accepted liability the only reason they would stop paying would be due to the repair shop taking excessive time to finish the repairs. (In the insurance company’s opinion). Albeit you will be roped into this, it should be inbetween the insurance company and the assets shop. If the insurance company won’t budge ask the repair shop to pick up the remainder of the rental bill until repairs are finish. This is common in this industry.

What happens if the at fault driver has no insurance?

Depending on the State, the motor vehicle authorities may suspend the license and registration of the at fault driver. However, this usually very first requires that the at fault driver be found guilty of a moving disturbance and that damages exceed a stated, statutory amount. The suspension usually lasts for a limited period of time, and the driver can regain his/her license and tags by posting a bond with the motor vehicle authorities. The bond often gets returned if the authorities do not get notice within a requisite period of time that suit has been filed. The matter will proceed either to a default judgment, or, if the adverse party contests liability or damages, to trial. If the virginal driver has insurance, he/she may make a claim against his/her insurer, under the “uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage (UI/UM)”. That insurer will, in the course of things, pay the claim, and thereby “inherits” the right of act of its insured to the extent of its payment. That process is called “subrogation”. The insurer may file suit against the adverse driver to recover its payment. That insurer has no greater rights against the adverse party than its insured did, and any negligence attributable to the insured will be attributed to the insurer. Therefore, the insurer may not recover 100% of its payment. Once a judgment is entered, the license and tags of the at fault party may be suspended until the judgment is paid. That person will generally be required to maintain a special kind of higher-risk liability insurer for a number of years thereafter in order to get/keep his/her license.

What is the responsibility of the insurance company of the at fault driver in a no fault state?

Instantaneously after an accident, you should call your insurance company and they will tell you their responsibility in that particular state. Your agent should have given you that information when you purchased your policy. Each state has slight differences. An insurance agent in this state is not licensed to comment on the insurance policies of another state.

What is the responsibility of the insurance company of the at fault driver with utter coverage insurance in a no fault state?

In this state, your own company pays your hospital bills up to $Ten,000. The at fault driver pays all costs above that amount. The at fault driver pays all costs above that amount. The at fault driver pays for all car repair bills.

Is the at fault drivers insurance responsible for securing a rental car?

Who is responsible for a no insurance ticket on a borrowed car The driver or proprietor?

Each could be ticketed. The driver for no insurance, and the holder for permitting unlawful operation. In the UK both are identically responsible for ‘using a motor vehicle on a road without insurance’ and both will be prosecuted.

What insurence covers the driver who is at fault?

Assuming that the at-fault driver maintained it at the time of the collision, his/her autoliabilitycoverage would be triggered.

What should you do if you were in a three car accident and the at fault party’s insurance co denies responsibility?

In the UK – it is for the claimant to prove a claim. An insurance company or other party you believe to be at fault is ideally entitled to deny liability. There are however many chunks of evidence which can be used to prove your claim, but it is best that you contact a specialist RTA solicitor. See the link entitled “private injury lawyer” to see how to choose the best specialist solicitor.

What happens when there is a car accident but the person not at fault has insurance but no drivers license?

your still in trouble since you dont have a License,if you have a mean judge,

When in a car accident that is not your fault dose the other Insurance company pay for the car rental Insurance?

Yes, as long as you had comprehensive and collision insurance on your own policy. Rental companies require you to have these and the other party will not pay for them.

Will the Insurance Company pay for a rental car if the accident is your fault and if you have utter coverage ins?

Only if you have bought the extra coverage to have a rental. “Utter coverage” usually just means you bought liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance.

Who is responsible if your car was hit by rental car and driver had no insurance?

The Rental Car Company is responsible if they permitted an uninsured driver to rent and drive their vehicle. You will need to file a claim against both the driver and the rental car company.

Who is Liable for an accident if the driver of the vehicle that is at fault has insurance but the car he is driving is not registered in his name?

It truly depends on the laws of your State and the policies involved. That being said, usually the policy on the car in question is primary in the resolution of any claim, and then the driver’s policy would be in a secondary position.

When a driver has no driver’s license or insurance but driving a car that is insured and someone hits them who is responsible?

It’s going to be very difficult to claim that it’s not the fault of the person who wasviolating the law by driving illegally .

What happens if an unlicensed driver is driving insured car and has accident and not at fault?

You must be licensed to drive, or have a permit and a licensed driver with you. Otherwise, there are legal consequences for that driver. The insurance company may not pay for any damages depending on the policy.

Can i collect on both sides my insurance and the faulted drivers insurance i have a lien holder on my car a?

No, you can’t. When you collect from your insurance company, they will pursue the other driver’s insurance because the accident wasn’t your fault. When your insurance company finds out that you collected from the other insurance company already, they will come after you. It’s called double-dipping and it most likely wouldn’t end well.

Will your insurance pay for the damages in an at fault accident even if the driver of your car is uninsured in your policy?

The real response is that you should talk to your insurance agent,because laws vary from location to location. However, in most states, what’s being insured is thecar ,not thedriver . If you give permission to someone to driveyour car and they get in an accident and it’s their fault, usuallyyour insurance company is going to be primarily liable for thedamages. Your insurance company will very likely pay (up to the limitsof your coverage, at least), and raise your insurance rates. Even if you didn’t explicitly give permission, in mostjurisdictions permission is assumed if the driver was a friend orfamily member. If you did not give them permission, you’re probablygoing to be asked to throw them under the bus and testify that they stoleyour car. One complicating factor is that while what’s insured is the car,theratesare set partially based on the car (some carscost more to fix, so will have higher comprehensive and uninsuredmotorist rates) and partly based on the drivers’ records (highercollision rates). If there’s a driver in your household with a poordriving record, you may get a cheaper rate by promising theinsurance company “Oh, no, he’s not going to drivethis car, he’s going to drive a different car insured by some otherinsurer, so you don’t have to worry about his driving record.” If you live in a state that permits you to exclude drivers from yourpolicy, and the driver was a person that you specifically excluded,your insurance company might be permitted to say “Hey, you said CrashBandicoot here wasnotgoing to be driving yourcar, and lo and behold, hediddrive your car, liar liarpants on fire, youpay for this, friend.” They maynot be permitted to wriggle off the hook entirely, but they probablywill at least be permitted to use drastically diminished coverageamounts, leaving a large bill for you to deal with. Crash’sinsurance (if he has any) may, or may not, kick in.

How much would rental car insurance cost for international drivers?

It is not possible to give auto rates in a forum like this. There are far too many factors that insurance companies use to rate an auto policy.